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Start Your Website Address with Dobebe.com

Modern era has been familiar with the digital and online manifestation called internet. Society is known to use the internet many years ago since it was invented by Ministry of Defense of United States of America. In 1969, the program has been found as the mother of latest online technology called internet now. By the time, the development of internet has been rapidly known. At the first, internet was developed to create advance program to exchange information in term of online communication. Using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), internet has proven effectiveness and efficiency to be used by people around the world.

Through internet, people are connected, people are transmitted and people are exchanging information for many aspects we can’t count. After the development of communication through internet, people are developing many programs to fill some spaces in internet world. During that time, people are aware that internet can do more things. It can be expanded beyond communication. Internet may become the future place to all society in the world. It’s the same place to have beneficial project together with no consideration in distance.

There are uncountable new invention programs that run through internet. One of them is widely known as a ‘place’ of various information. This ‘place’ defines an address in which people need to get there to find what kind of thing they will see. This place is often called website. In website, some pages are contained of particular information, provided by a person or group of people connected as organization. This information is posted online. People can access this website through internet. Nowadays, we may find thousands of websites which provide information from different purposes. There are education website, actual news, finance, hotel, online shopping, government’s administration website and many others. This information now can be accessed by society connected through internet.

The countless information that is provided by website has brought profit for society. Through website, people can do commercial thing such as online selling, advertise post to provide particular service and online consultation. The function and benefit are experienced by people by ‘browsing’ the website using browser with internet connection for certain. Browsing the website from home, office, coffee shop and anywhere they tend to as long as there is internet connection to use.

Basically, website has many types related to its function and form. Nevertheless, there are 4 types of website based on ownership

  1. Personal Website

    Usually, private website provides free access using blog service. The website has particular information to be accessed by people through internet. Therefore, it is managed by a person. In addition, this type of website usually provides information as autobiography, portfolio, picture gallery, article, written scientific work, design, video and any other personal product of the owner. In any word, the function of personal website is to provide particular information related with owner’s work, achievement or product to be known by people who access it.

  2. Business/Company’s Website

    Company can expose their profile and brand by using website. This website is intended to reach people in the name of business purposes. The company’s profile exposed in the website can educate visitors to know better about the company and its industry. Also, it contains the product, service or brand of the company to reach potential customer to be attracted. From the website, business purpose can be reached and company target the potential customer in wider area and wider opportunity in increasing profit significantly. When the website reaches higher popularity, future market can be approximately estimated. It shall bring more benefit to company by considering many aspects to face the future market. Company should not forget to fill the information in website in SEO-friendly content to have better chance when people search the required information at top result.

  3. Community Website

    Normally, this website is targeted to particular group of community. It can be academics, artist, environmental activist and many more. The website usually use extended domain .org. This website contains of particular society to have similar interest and information. It becomes a place to share and exchange information amongst the members. Moreover, people tend to have discussion related with similar topic the website provided. In another word, the website is meant to have special place for special visitor in similar interest about something.

  4. E-Commerce Website

    The place to promote your product, especially physical products are compiled in website is called E-commerce website. Here, people can do shopping and selling in online occasion. Buyer does not need to come to the store or market to buy the product. So as seller, they do not need to have physical store to display their product. All selling-buying activities are represented in digital occasion through website. Indeed, the website is created to be online store. It is meant to be as catalog for potential buyers to know the description and price of what sellers sell. Branding product and service through website is proven to have wider scope to reach potential buyers or viewers over the world. Therefore, the content of website needs to adapt viewer to experience best occasion to look at your product.

After discussing about how internet has become a bridge to real countless benefit and how website, the product of internet can produce more and more benefit to come, we need to understand how the website is formed through the program called Domain. If website is considered as a place to look and find information, then this place shall need an address for people to know where the location is. As in real life, the physical address will guide people to reach the destination, so domain will have similar function. Domain is an address to form location of website so that people can be directed to the requested website.

Instead of using IP (Internet Protocol) which using numbers to represent the address of particular sites and application, domain can be used as unique names to represent the address in website. The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to have easy-recognized and easy-remembered for people to find them. This naming system was started in 1985 by company in computer industry from Massachusetts, United States of America (USA). It was called Symbolics.com that time. In the beginning, there were only 6 domains registered.

Nowadays, we can find hundred million domains from all over the world. This domain is functioned to make the process of searching information easier. It will be connected to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that people can easily obtain any related information they type. Through giant connection called internet, each computer is able to communicate each other. Exchanging information will require unique number called IP address.

At the first, this IP address is reasonable since there were few computers operated that time. Yet, it didn’t work last. The growth of internet rapidly affects people to make us of it. Using internet to help their job, solving their problem or even saving the energy and cost have been common function to society. Therefore, DNS (Domain Name System) was created to differentiate the massive information and data provided in every website now. As we know, domain is classified into 3 levels. It is described as follow

  1. Top Level Domain (TLD)

    This is the highest level of domain system. Top Level Domain is rather general extension to most existing website currently. Since it’s generally used by most people to create website, TLD becomes most popular in Domain Name System. In fact, there are hundreds Top Level Domains to be used as extension. TLD specifically use extension in the end of domain’s name; for example www.dobebe.com. Some extensions that are generally used in domain’s names can be viewed as follow:

    • .COM

      The use of extension .com is largely known as the most frequent domain found in the internet. It is used mostly as commercial and general purposes in providing information through their website.

    • .NET

      The use of this extension is intended to website with certain network

    • .EDU

      The use of this extension is intended to provide education and knowledge in their website

    • .ORG

      The use of this extension is used to represent specific information of particular organization in website

    • .MIL

      The use of this extension is intended to provide information related with military occasion in website

    • .ID - .UK – .CN - .US - .MY , Etc

      The use of these various extensions are intended to represent local domain in country level based on the base of the website. It’s code to represent the home-based country for the website. For instance is; Id means Indonesia, UK means United Kingdom.

  2. Second Level Domain (SLD)

    Second level domain is referred to the name of organization, institution, company and community. From domain name www.dobebe.com, the SLD is Dobebe as second level domain. It’s important to website creator to pick easy-recognized and easy-remembered name of SLD. If the name is too long to be domain’s name, creator may abbreviate the company’s name in a recognizable way.

  3. Third Level Domain

    In general, third level domain is used before SLD. It’s additional domain to be added as people’s need. Some people may need to attach specific word in TLD to mark or put their website in more detail way.

After having some explanations related with internet, website and domain in general understanding, we are aware that domain is truly necessary to go branding your product, expand your market and have non-stop media to enlarge your prospect. Dobebe.com is one of providers to fulfill your need in registering your domain to internet. www.dobebe.com can offer you reliable service to provide best domain that meets your requirement. With fast process and valid result, we shall assist you to start your progressive step in having website. We have 3 categories of domain you can purchase as follow:

  1. Premium Domain

    The longer we experience internet media, the more we realize that information we usually search is obtained from website with recognizable and simple domain’s name or address. This is the most popular domain’s name used by most website creators. In premium domain, we can offer you short and easy-to remembered domain’s name in sale. To have short and alphabetical domain’s name shall give you higher chance to make your web address widely-known. It shall offer you better prospect in branding your product or service with strong opportunities to potential clients and website’s visitors.

  2. Aged Domain

    Despite from normal/new domain, aged domain has been registered for minimum 1 year. It’s an aged domain that isn’t renewal by the owner. Even though it’s old domain, people may get some benefits from it related with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If the aged domain is retrieved and renew to be owned by another website creator, the web ranking can be achieved directly. The domain has its history to appear in search engine. Old visitors made the website emerged in top result after the use of previous owner. Therefore, it will be easier to rank up website popularity with previous trace in search engine. www.dobebe.com offers aged domain in sale along with some benefits such as the domain already has some backlink attached in some existing websites. This will make branding process easier to perform.

  3. Expired Domain

    Expired domain is a deleted expired domain by registrar due to its expired condition. It was left by the previous owner in expired status. Some of these expired domains sometimes bring more benefit rather than purchasing the new one. When the expired domain is retrieved, the age of the domain is set to 0. It’s like purchasing the new domain. However, the domain was ever registered and had some histories or backlinks attached previously. This is a plus point to website creators to consider purchasing this type of domain. In www.dobebe.com, we offer you some expired domains with backlinks attached in Wikipedia and many high authority websites.

Those are 3 types of domain used in any purpose to meet your requirements. It’s a great start to expand your branding with better opportunity and widely known through internet. It’s a great opportunity to have more and more visitors in your website. It’s also a best way in short to have popularity in website ranking. To achieve and grab the prospect, you can trust us to provide you premium domain, aged domain and expired domain in line with your requirements

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